XPRESSO is an experienced pre-press file manager and print specialist located in Tyler, Texas offering a menu of short run, on-demand, digital printing, prepress services and offset resources with the capacity to handle all of your outsourcing needs in an atmospheric business setting.

We serve advertising agencies or the in-house marketing managers of businesses and institutions in addition to consumers with an emphasis on proofing options, color accuracy, and customer service.

We Take Stock in Real People

The experience starts with a handshake.  A fist bump. Or just a smile.  A printing experience with human warmth.  So, if you’re looking for honest interaction, Xpresso may be right for you.

Hands-on vs. On-Line

Compare a simple one-on-one handover to the uncertainty of an online print order.  Contending with software that’s halting and un-compromising. Dealing with results that are often delayed and wildly inconsistent.  The frustration.  The hassle.

Yes, you can still upload, dropbox or email us your files.  But if you prefer, you can just walk in and hand them to us.  Talk about the job.  Maybe share a cup of coffee.  And unlike on-line-only printers, we can show you a “real” press proof before we print.

You see, our press proofs are printed on the paper stock you ordered.  Not simulated on screen.  You’ll know what the final product will look like beforehand.  What you see is what you will get. No surprises. And, no shock of opening damaged deliveries, dumped in your doorway by faceless online enterprises. Xpresso: Precise Printing Without the Wait


That’s what the gift of print is all about. Visually wrapping a message to make it compelling and memorable. To impress a boss. A client. Yourself.
A special audience. Or, just a special someone.

We’re second-generation printers with 35 years of experience in graphic communications. We’ve been in the business long enough to see and embrace the advances in print technology. And we have the staff and expertise to make sure that your message, your print product is appropriately packaged and presented.



We focus on the needs of creative professionals who want precise printing without the wait.  Because our roots are in design, we understand the process, the demands, and the deadlines. We speak the language.

That also makes us a perfect choice for organizations that just need to look professional. Buying for your company, church, or non-profit? Want better results than a desktop copier, without the expense and delays of traditional or online printers? If so, stop by for a quote.

Having a creative work space isn’t everything

Hopefully our passion for aesthetic, good vibe and attention to detail says something about the work we do for you. Feel free to drop by for a quick tour whether you have a printing need or not. The conversation and coffee are free. 

“Before printing was discovered, a century was equal to a thousand years.”



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